Stick War: Legacy: Wage War and Command Your Forces

Max Games Studios, the creators of the popular Stick War games, has released the latest title Stick War: Legacy. This is the fifth title for the beloved franchise, and continues with the tradition of Stick-on-Stick mayhem as well as bringing back the resource gathering and army building mechanics from the earlier games.

Stick War: Legacy’s story takes place in the world called Inamorta. Different nations are feuding with one another and are particularly hostile towards the Order nation which the player lords over. This is due in large part because unlike the other nations, the Order values peace, and knowledge. The other nations find these principles abhorrent and would rather overthrow the player’s rule and take the nation of Order for their own – however, just because the Order value peace does not mean they won’t fight back when pushed to a corner.


Master the Way of Warfare

The way to conquest begins with building your army. In Stick War: Legacy, players are given various units that they can train to bolster their forces. Each unit has its respective role within the ranks – for example, the Miner is commonly used to dig and gather gold and ore. The Swordwrath is a basic melee fighter that is proficient with swords, the Archidons are ranged units that are deadly with their bow and arrows, and the Speartons are armor-clad spearmen that can more than take a beating against adversaries head-on.

Each of these standard units has strengths and weaknesses and knowing these are essential when you’re establishing your army and about to wage war with other nations. Use your knowledge about the opponent’s units and exploit them to get an edge during combat. Moreover, always keep in mind which units you’re investing in since training one unit can mean the difference between victory and defeat! Hone your strategic tactics to pummel your enemies into submission!


Play Different Game Modes

Stick War: Legacy has various game modes: Campaign, Crown of Inamorta, and Endless Deads. The campaign serves as the story mode – where players will get to play different scenarios with the Order nation and see how their strife against the other neighboring countries shape their respective histories. Crown of Inamorta pits players against twelve AI opponents that have varying ways of commanding their forces. It is up to the player to defeat all twelve opponents and claim the Crown of Inamorta! Finally, Endless Deads is a survival mode where players are tasked to withstand the onslaught of an endless zombie hoard that is hellbent on decimating your base.

Each game mode provides players different levels of challenges – the Campaign is the game mode that introduces you to the mechanics of the game on top of establishing some lore for the different units and factions you’ll encounter in the game. Crown of Inamorta tests the players’ ability to adapt to different styles of tactical warfare courtesy of the twelve AI opponents. Lastly, Endless Deads is the ultimate test on whether players have mastered their real-time strategy and resource management as they are bombarded with hordes upon hordes of zombies they need to dispatch to survive!

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