Pool Billiards Pro: Become the 8-Ball & 9-Ball Master

Do you miss playing a round or two of the pool with your friends? Look no further – Pool Billiards Pro is just the game for you! Created by TerranDroid, this game lets you play different types of billiard games against other players.


Intuitive Billiard Ball Animations

With realistic 3D ball physics and animations on top of a simple yet intuitive angling system, players get to strike the cue ball in whatever angle and power they wish, and the other balls will bounce and interact with one another just like in the real-life pool. For example, if a player wants to hit the cue ball at an angle to give it a spin, they can tweak the area where their pool stick will hit it accordingly.

Such in-game mechanics further enhances the feel of the game – while you can opt to just bumrush your way in matches by always hitting the cue ball at full power, smarter players will often rely on precise angling and proper ball placement to ensure they get to sink the crucial balls the stretch.


Quick Pick Up Gameplay

Pool Billiard Pro’s gameplay is fairly straightforward – players will choose whether they want to play either single or VS mode against another player or an AI opponent. Afterward, the game lets players choose between playing an 8-ball or 9-ball match. Following this, the game immediately begins. This quick selection makes for faster games between players or against AI. Players can also select which rules can be turned on or off to add another gaming element.

Moreover, Pool Billiard Pro also lets players battle one another via online matches. All they need to do is queue up and wait for a match online. Adding this feature makes for a more competitive gameplay experience since players will be gunning to win their match for bragging rights!


Different Game Modes

Speaking of game modes, players can choose between VS Mode, Time Mode, Practice Mode, and Arcade Mode. VS Mode pits players against an AI opponent or another player, and they can choose between a standard 8-ball or 9-ball match with standard 8-ball and 9-ball rules.

Time Mode challenges players to sink in balls assigned to them before time runs out. The initial time limit for this mode is two minutes, but each time a player manages to sink in one or multiple balls assigned to them, they get additional time. If players manage to clear all the balls, the billiard table will be refreshed with new balls until the players are unable to sink in their assigned balls.

If players feel that they need to work on their ball placement or how to hit the cue ball properly, they can go to the Practice Mode. They can choose to have a practice 8-ball or 9-ball match where they can reset the table whenever they feel like it. This mode is a good place to practice hitting angled cue ball shots and determine which playstyle is the best option for newer players.

Finally, Arcade Mode plays similar to Time Mode, but instead of a time limit, players are given a set number of cues to sink all their balls. Each time they manage to complete a level, they proceed to another stage that gives even more challenging circumstances. It is up to the player’s skill to defeat the various levels of the Arcade Mode!

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