Block Craft 3D: Build your Ideal Structures for Free

Ever wanted to create your very own town or city from the ground up? With Block Craft 3D, you can do so! Created by Fun Games for Free, this building game lets you use various blocks to craft the necessary materials that you’ll need to build different impressive structures. You can start by creating a small cottage, then move onto more magnificent and amazing buildings such as skyscrapers and towers as you gather the materials needed to craft different bricks, stones, and steel foundations.


Quirky Block-and-Pixel Design

Block Craft 3D offers a 3D-rendered pixelated blocky overworld for players to explore. This design choice gives a retro feel to the game experience where you can use your imagination as you try to decide where you will place the foundations of your town or city. Apart from building your future homestead, you can also create different kinds of furniture that you can place inside your buildings – all you need to do is to think of what you want to build and look for the corresponding materials in the expansive overworld. Moreover, you can also create custom blocks and special furniture that will lead to even more crafting recipes for you to create and fill your space with.

Once you’ve crafted your desired pieces of furniture, placing them within your dwelling is entirely up to you!


An Huge Map Waiting to be Explored

Apart from the vast building options players can do in the game, Block Craft 3D also has a huge map that has various secrets waiting to be discovered by wide-eyed players aching for some adventure. As players traverse the expansive world map, they can encounter different animals such as dogs, cats, and even more exotic animals such as elephants and wolves! These animals can be tamed and become players’ pets that will follow them wherever they go. As such, it is a good thing to cover as much ground in the game to discover what other animals are in the game that can also become your loyal pet!


Play with and Visit Your Friends’ Cities

Another awesome feature Block Craft 3D offers is a free multiplayer mode. This allows you to visit your friends’ play areas and help them construct their cities either by looking for the crafting materials or by consulting them on which structure looks best in which area within their dwelling – this creation and consultation also works for what kind of furniture your friends needs to spruce up their homes.

If house and city planning seems to be a tedious affair, you and your friends can stock up on supplies and choose an area within the vast overworld to explore! This way, you and your friends can get an idea of how big the world map is and where specific crafting materials and animals are located.

Whether it’s creating the ideal home, village or city, or trying to venture into new areas and discovering new landscapes, so long as you are playing it with your friends, you guys will no doubt spend a lot of hours having fun in this game!

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